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All Teeth Whitening Treatments are provided by GDC registered dentists via our dental partner Smile Central Ltd.


Smile Central is registered with and regulated by



All of our teeth whitening procedures are carried out by GDC registered dentists:

Dr Farheen Zeeshan BDS GDC No: 255596

Dr Paige Shaw BDS GDC No: 251233


We offer a few different options for teeth whitening. A description of each is listed below:



Top Up Treatment Price: £299 Special Offer £79

Standard Treatment Price: £329 Special Offer £99

Extended Treatment Price: £399 Special Offer £149

Instant Results! Works instantly without sensitivity.

Our system utilises patented pre whitening detergent technology and the Pro Brite LED Whitening Accelerator Lamp which activates our unique formula 6% Hydrogen Peroxide Whitening Gel. The gel includes ingredients that cause the light to speed up the breakdown of the whitening gel at a faster rate, resulting in a brighter smile and whiter teeth in less time.


You can also undergo the treatment more frequently as only low level 6% hydrogen peroxide is used.


Not only do white teeth enhance your smile, but they make you feel more confident about your appearance. You deserve to have a beautiful and exceptional smile. We can help you achieve a whiter smile and a more confident you, instantly and safely.

How Pro Brite Intense works:

Your dental professional will apply a pre whitening cleanser and then the exclusive formula Pro Brite whitening gel to the teeth and it will be activated with our Pro Brite Whitening Accelerator Lamp for 15 minutes after the cycle the gel will be removed and the process will be repeated for the the duration of treatment type you have booked.

During each whitening cycle the gel breaks down generating oxygen which will be directed towards the tooth enamel, maximising the whitening result.
This above process allows the treatment to provide excellent results using a low concentration of 6% hydrogen peroxide.

After completing the treatment, your dental professional will discuss with you the options of how to maintain and stabilise the results of the treatment.

Smilesential Pro Brite Intense complies with EU Directive 2011/84/EU



Price: £249 Special Offer £159

Bespoke Tray whitening is an easy and effective way to whiten teeth in terms of resulting shade change and how long results last. Your dentist will take an impression of your teeth and send to a dental laboratory to create a bespoke custom made whitening-trays for you. This will take 7-10 days and is worth the wait to have a perfect fitting tray! You can then choose between a daytime solution, which is worn for 60-90 minutes, or a night time solution which is worn in bed over night. The kit comes packaged in a handy zip up travel case.

Results are basically identical regardless of whichever option you take; it is more a matter of discussing with your dentist which treatment will fit best with your lifestyle. Using the Smilesential Bespoke Bleaching Tray System you will be able to whiten your teeth all the way through not just the surface areas, particularly the spaces and margins of your teeth this helps eradicate staining from the back of the teeth.

The treatment is fairly straight forward: you apply the gel to your tray using our syringes that your dentist will provide. You wear your tray as instructed by your dentist; take it out and rinse when done. You will repeat this every day for roughly 2 weeks or slightly longer in some cases.

Always use as instructed by your dentist but only a very small amount of gel is required. Applying twice the amount of gel will not give twice the result but will increase the risk of sensitivity – there are no short-cuts to a healthy white smile!


This gel is faster acting than the carbamide peroxide option and would be worn for 60 – 90 minutes during the day. This works really well for heavily stained teeth.


This gel works in a different way to hydrogen peroxide and the percentages should not be compared. This gel has slow release ingredients so can be worn for longer periods, usually overnight.



Price: £548 Special Offer £239

This treatment offers the best of both with a  Pro Brite Light Activated Teeth Whitening treatment for instant results and a Bespoke Tray Whitening Kit for long lasting results and maintenance.

Our in-office Pro Brite Light Activated whitening system dramatically whitens your teeth instantly using a unique pre whitening activator and our exclusive formula hydrogen peroxide gel! The procedure is simple and quick!

Using the Smilesential Bespoke Bleaching Trays you will be able to whiten your teeth all the way through not just the surface areas, particularly the spaces and margins of your teeth this helps eradicate staining from the back of the teeth.



Price: £749 Special Offer £349

The Smile Central Deepest White Procedure is the most advanced technique of teeth whitening available.

The process has been developed through research and long term testing on the most effective bleaching techniques paired with the latest technological innovations in bleaching gel science.  This process takes into account the rate at which a tooth can change in shade, the dehydration factor minimising false whitening, and providing zero sensitivity.

Full Stain Eradication = Deepest shade of white!

The first step of the process involves a Smile Central Light Activated Whitening Session in clinic using a unique pre whitening detergent and our exclusive light activated formula hydrogen peroxide gel! This is followed by a two week tooth conditioning process at home, we will provide you with a set of Bespoke made bleaching trays paired together with Step Up Home Bleaching Gel and maintenance gel.  

At the end of the two week process you will attend the clinic for the final stage of the Deepest White process. This involves an in clinic application with the unique Deepest White Finale Bleaching Gel applied by the dentist.  At the end of the session be ready for the deepest whitest smile you will ever have.

We will guarantee that there will be a clear change in the shade of your teeth on the Vita Classic Shade guide. The Vita Classic Shade guide is the only shade guide used in the professional market for tooth bleaching.

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