Swedish or Aromatherapy Massage Treatments Available in Full Body or Back Neck and Shoulders

Get rid of excess tension or tired muscles with one of our fantastic massage treatments.


Aromatherapy Massage
A gentle massage using pre blended essential oils. Eases away tension and improves mental and physical wellbeing.
Full Body £42.00 (1 Hour)

Back Neck and Shoulders £28.00 (30 mins)

Swedish Massage
Disperses physical tension from the body, reduces stiffness, removes energy blockages and loosens tight muscles.
Full Body £42.00 (1 hour)

Back Neck and Shoulders £28.00 (30 mins)

Smiles Head Neck and Shoulder Massage
Very therapeutic, relaxing massage. Working over the neck, face, scalp and shoulders, it helps to ease eyestrain, headaches, stress and can often help with insomnia.
£28.00 (30 mins)

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