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All teeth whitening treatments are carried out by GDC registered dentists by our teeth whitening partner Smile Central. Smile Central Offer 4 types of Teeth Whitening Treatments to choose from:





This is the latest technology in teeth whitening procedures.


The treatment is quick and painless with little to no sensitivity, effects can last up to 1 year if proper maintenance is followed. Our in clinic Light Activated teeth whitening system dramatically whitens your teeth in as little as an hour using our LED Whitening Accelerator Lamp and our exclusive light activated formula hydrogen peroxide gel!




  • Our dentist will check the health of your teeth and gums to determine if you are suitable for the treatment.


  • Do a pre whitening cleansing of your teeth.


  • Apply a special resin to protect the gum line.


  • Apply the exclusive formula bleaching gel to teeth.


  • Switch on the SmileCentral Whitening Lamp that contains matrix of LED lights operating at an optimum frequency this activates the whitening gel to breakdown stains in the teeth.


  • The lamp remains on for the number of cycles prescribed by the dentist for the gel to effectively whiten the teeth.


  • Our dentists will also give you full after care advice and advice on maintaining your oral health.


  • As with all teeth whitening treatments each individual’s results will vary.


Normal Treatment Price £299 | Special Offer: £99      

Extended Treatment was £349 |  Special Offer: £149






This method of whitening teeth has been around for many years. Recognised in the dental industry as the most effective and easiest method of whitening teeth. Painless, safe and effective. Effects can last a lifetime if proper maintenance is followed.



  • Our dentist will check the health of your teeth and gums to determine if you are suitable for the treatment.

  • Do a cleaning of your teeth.

  • Take an impression of your upper and lower teeth.

  • Impressions of your teeth are then sent to the lab.

  • The lab will then make an exact caste of your teeth from the impressions and use this to make bespoke fit bleaching trays. These trays are hand crafted and custom made for you.

  • The bespoke trays are then packaged together in a kit with the exclusive formula peroxide teeth whitening gel selected by the dentist.  

  • Once the kit is ready you will come into the clinic to try the trays with the gel and the dentist will explain how to use them and what regimen to follow at home.



Bespoke Bleaching Trays System with initial and maintenance gel supply

Normal Price: £299 | Special Offer: £159








This treatment offers the best of both with a full Smile Central LIGHT ACTIVATED TEETH WHITENING treatment as described above for instant results and a Smile Central Bespoke Tray Whitening KIT with with initial whitening gel supply (2 syringes) for long lasting results and maintenance.


Price Normal £548 | Special Offer: £239




Smile Central Deepest White Teeth Whitening Treatment


The Smile Central Deepest White Procedure is the most advanced technique of teeth whitening available.


The process has been developed through research and long term testing on the most effective bleaching techniques paired with the latest technological innovations in bleaching gel science.  This process takes into account the rate at which a tooth can change in shade, the dehydration factor minimising false whitening, and providing zero sensitivity.


Full Stain Eradication = Deepest shade of white!


The first step of the process involves a Smile Central Light Activated Whitening Session in clinic using a unique pre whitening detergent and our exclusive light activated formula hydrogen peroxide gel! This is followed by a two week tooth conditioning process at home, we will provide you with a set of Bespoke made bleaching trays paired together with Step Up Home Bleaching Gel and maintenance gel.  


At the end of the two week process you will attend the clinic for the final stage of the Deepest White process. This involves an in clinic application with the unique Deepest White Finale Bleaching Gel applied by the dentist.  At the end of the session be ready for the deepest whitest smile you will ever have.


We will guarantee that there will be a clear change in the shade of your teeth on the Vita Classic Shade guide. The Vita Classic Shade guide is the only shade guide used in the professional market for tooth bleaching.


Price Normal £749 | Special Offer £349